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People who are fulfilling Plingo’s Vision together
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A new education ecosystem for Creators and Users
“People who want to learn foreign languages”A new education service to learn languages with fun video contents based on interest
Contents CurationTo find videos based on categories and tags you likeContents RecommendationTo watch recommended contents based on interest and levelVarious Educational FunctionsTo improve linguistic abilities by saving Study Notes, communicating with others–Topic & Emendation
“People who want to teach languages”A new marketplace where anyone can become a language teacher
Low barrier to teaching languagesTo find videos based on categories and tags you likePlingo Creator Support ProgramTo watch recommended contents based on interest and levelOpportunities to Meet New PeopleTo work on ideas with other Plingo Creators through our creative meetupTo communicate with your students/subscribers to understand them better and grow together
3 represents being balanced and fair.Three individuals together can initiate collective intelligence, and three dots can compose a triangle which attains the perfect balance.To recover the balance and a better value in this education market where providers have more power, Three Labs will gather content providers, users into the platform and start a new education ecosystem – Plingo.
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